Made in Jamaica

Our purpose is to make a healthy next generation. Our strategy is called Healthy Economics written by David N. Roach.

Healthy Economics utilizes four main programs to promote the development of a healthy, sustainable, community. They are: Friends of School, The Intergenerational Enterprise, 1stSaturdays and Mo’ Better Food.

To briefly explain, everybody becomes a “Friend of the School in their community.” These “Friends” come together to make sure the school is “complete.” Which means the school has a functioning Student Government Association, Parent Teacher Association, and Alumni Association.

Once the school is complete, the “Friends” advance the school to the next phase of building Healthy Economics, The Intergenerational Enterprise. With a “complete school” in tact, as mentioned above, The Intergenerational Enterprise basically comprises of these three basic school based organizations in collaboration with a vision of building Healthy Economics together.

The collaboration formula is: SGA + PTA +ALUMNI + Friends = The Intergenerational Enterprise.